Plans with an Evaluation account allow you to trade with a demo account first. Once you have passed the Evaluation process, then you trade live.


There are a few requirements to satisfy in order to pass the Evaluation process:

Maximum loss of 4%: In all of our plans, we have flat max loss 4% rule. This means that for your capital of $10,000, you can lose no more than $400 (4%) in your trades. The larger your capital, the larger the amount of the max loss tolerated. 


The moment you breach this max loss of 4%, it is an automatic termination of your account. This however will not block you from signing up for another plan. 


Unlimited reset plans give you immunity against the breaching of this max loss rule, for up to 120 days. At anytime the max loss is breached, we will give you a fresh account to start trading again. All you need to do is achieve the profit target of 6%.

Profit target of 6%: You’re here to make profits and we need to see you make at least 6%. Even if you can keep your max loss at below 4%, you need to satisfy the profit target 6% rule to successfully pass the Evaluation process.


This means that for your capital of $10,000, you have to make $600 (6%) in your trades to pass. The larger your capital, the larger the profits.


Trading days: For a trading day to count, you have to open a minimum of one position per day. In order to ensure that your profits are proof of your trading prowess and not just a stroke of luck, a minimum of 10 trading days is required to pass the Evaluation process.


Deadline: The deadline refers to the period during which you must achieve all the requirements needed in order to pass the evaluation. We understand that some of you are doing this semi-pro and you have other obligations to tend to. Our deadlines are comfortable enough for you to have some wiggle room to trade but not so long that you could sign up, then rest on your laurels. Take up the challenge.

Instant Funding plans do not have deadlines.

Unlimited reset plans keep your account active for 120 days regardless of how often you breach the max loss at 4%. You only need to focus on the profit target of 6% and trade for the minimum number of trading days required.

Instant Funding removes the Evaluation process. You trade live. Immediately. Your only goals are to keep the max loss at 4% and to focus on hitting your profit targets.

You can have as many demo accounts as you want but when you trade live, we will need you to keep to one active verified live trading account. 

We have administrative costs, staff and charges to cover. Also, we want serious traders who sign up with the aim to trade well - well enough to be able to get back their sign up fee, and more, from profitable trading. 

While we give our traders freedom the trade as often and as aggressive as they want, we are always monitoring trading activity for inconsistencies. If your trading pattern changes drastically, say from 5 trades a day to 20 trades a day, your account will be placed under scrutiny temporarily. 

Profit split is at 50-50. How much you can make depends entirely on you.

You can withdraw your profits as long as you hit the profit target. Submit your withdrawal request form here and give us 3-5 working days to process it for you. Our payouts are in the form of cryptocurrency.

LegendaFX is a Proprietary Trading Company, operated by Legenda Global SVG, a registered business entity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

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